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Website Development Course in Indore Overview

The Website Development Course in Indore is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental and advanced concepts of web development. This course covers a wide array of topics including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, front-end frameworks, back-end development, databases, and version control. It is ideal for beginners who want to start their journey in web development as well as professionals looking to enhance their skills.



WordPress Development

WordPress development involves learning how to create, customize, and manage websites using the WordPress content management system (CMS)

WordPress Development

Building custom plugins to extend WordPress functionality

Shopify Development

In Shopify development, you will learn how to create, customize, and manage e-commerce websites using the Shopify platform.

Shopify Development

Using Shopify's built-in analytics tools to track store performance

Magento Development

In Magento development, you would typically learn a variety of skills and concepts depending on your role and level of expertise.

Magento Development

Creating and customizing Magento modules to extend functionality or integrate with other systems.

React Js Developement

In React.Js Development, you would focus on mastering various skills and concepts related to building modern web applications using React.js as your primary frontend framework.

React Js Deveopement

Implement advanced React concepts like hooks, context API, and higher-order components.

Blockchain Development

Our Blockchain development assistance enables you to generate decentralized blockchain networks which will give boosted traceability and security of transactions and data.

Blockchain Development

Characteristics of blockchain: decentralization, immutability, transparency


Wix Development

The Wix Development module is designed to teach you how to create stunning, professional websites using the Wix platform.

Wix Development

Understand the basics of the Wix platform and its interface.

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Website Development Course in Indore Certification

Website development Course in Indore certifications are increasingly popular among aspiring and professional web developers looking to validate their skills, stay updated with the latest technologies, and advance their careers. Here’s an in-depth look into various certifications, their benefits, and how to choose the right one for you.

For aspiring web developers, certifications provide a structured path to learning foundational concepts and mastering essential skills required to build modern websites and web applications. They often cover topics such as responsive web design, user experience (UX) principles, accessibility standards, and interactive front-end development techniques. These foundational skills are crucial for creating websites that are not only visually appealing but also functional and user-friendly across different devices and browsers.


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Classroom Training

Learn from industry experts at Training91 with in-depth, interactive classroom sessions designed to provide practical skills and insights in digital marketing. Enroll in our Digital Marketing Course in Indore to gain hands-on experience and industry-relevant knowledge.

Course Fee: ₹ 30,000

Santosh Solanki and Amit Batham are dedicated trainers at Training91, each bringing valuable expertise and experience to their respective fields. With a passion for teaching students the intricacies of creating dynamic and functional websites using this versatile platform they help there students to reach to their goal. There hands-on approach and attention to detail ensure that learners grasp both fundamental concepts and advanced techniques in WordPress.

Both Santosh and Amit play pivotal roles in shaping the learning journey at Training91, providing personalized guidance and fostering a dynamic learning environment for aspiring web developers, designers, and digital marketing course in Indore. Their expertise ensures that students not only master web development and design but also excel in digital marketing through a comprehensive and hands-on approach.

With a sincere dedication to teaching and sharing their expertise, they ensure that each student at Training91 receives authentic and insightful guidance. Their genuine approach fosters a supportive learning environment where students can confidently explore and master the complexities of WordPress development and web designing. Through their genuine efforts, Santosh and Amit contribute significantly to the professional growth and success of aspiring web developers in Indore.