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Santosh Solanki is the Co-Founder and Digital Head of Wiz91 Technologies, an Indore-based Inbound & Performance Digital Marketing Agency. He received his MBA Degree from (the Institute of Management Studies India). And then started working at different IT businesses before embarking on his digital marketing profession.

Santosh is an expert Digital Marketer for more than 8+ years. Digital marketing is a multifaceted, ever-changing profession. He uses his agency to establish sturdy yet adaptable procedures and structures by combining analytical frameworks with subtle marketing thinking. Santosh’s organization has worked on lead generation for corporations, growth hacking, product re-positioning, product and customer segment tests, and partner engagement for sponsored start-ups, among other things.

He has firsthand knowledge of the Facebook Ad Network, Google Search and Display Networks, SEO, and LinkedIn, as well as a thorough grasp of Google Analytics, Email Marketing, and Inbound Marketing. He has a strong experience in marketing, advertising, and branding. He has prior expertise in the digital marketing business and a thorough grasp of how digital channels such as social media, email, and search engines may be used to reach target consumers.

Santosh leverages common real-world marketing and consumer interaction scenarios in his Training91 workshops to illustrate complicated digital marketing topics.

Santosh Solanki

Head of Digital Marketing
Experience : 8+ Years
Contact : +91 86026-94727